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Perfect 5 Star Rating For Airbrush By Heather on Yelp!

Let’s be honest. Isn’t it time you got the dazzling results you were expecting?


“Heather is amazing!!!  I have been airbrush tanning for several years and have become a connoisseur of what looks natural and what looks orange and fake.  When I tell people I airbrush tan they usually squint their eyes and move their head a little closer to check me out…. the response is usually “wow… you don’t look orange… it looks real”.  Being an actor combined with not wanting to damage my skin in the sun airbrush tanning has been a savior for a white half-Irish boy like myself.  Heather uses the best organic products (which also dries more quickly and has less odor than the non-organic tanning solutions) and her customer service is A+.  She is an amazing little business woman.  My only concern in writing this rave review for Heather is that she will become too popular and it will be more difficult for me to get an appointment!  But putting my selfish needs aside I highly recommend Heather for airbrush tanning.  She is absolutely the best!  :)” – Kevin S. on Yelp


“At long last, I have finally found my tanning person. I have been searching forever. Seriously, Heather is the best there is in LA. The tan is even and looks like a color I could actually darken to if I spent time in the sun. She spends a long time making sure she has an understanding of exactly how dark you want to be, so the color level was perfect. The solution is not sticky and gross or overly bronzery – you can actually carry on with your day after getting tanned. Almost equally as important to me though, is how easy she is. The prices are fair, she takes all types of credit cards, she uses software that keeps track of all of your preferences, and as I walked out she says, “If you wake up tomorrow after it has developed and you’re not happy with any part of your tan, call me and we will fit you into the schedule and make it right.” That’s the kind of customer service that gets me as a regular client and gets 5 stars on Yelp.” – Jill D, Yelp

“If there is such a thing like the “yoda” of tanning Heather is your girl. She not only makes Caucasians beautifully bronzed but Asians as well. I have yellow undertones and was sort of scared since airbrush tanning can make you look orange, but fear not Asian ladies. Heather knows what she is doing 🙂

She is so friendly and knowledgeable with tanning that she really makes you feel like your at home. She even did a last minute touch up for me the next day and was super sweet about it. Hands down, if you want a spray tan no matter what skin color you are she is your woman!” – Sarah Y, Yelp

“I found Heather on http://Yelp.com trying to find somewhere for My Husband to get a spray tan (if you’re not versed in the fitness world, it really is a must to show more definition to your muscles).. anywho – Heather is AMAZING! this was My husband’s first time getting a spray tan, he was super skeptical (didn’t want to be orange).. and so, after reading the many reviews on http://yelp.com, we decided to go with Airbrush By Heather because of the many 5 star ratings she received.

When I called her, she was super friendly and answered all my questions. The day of our appointment, she met us outside, and I swear it was like meeting up with an old friend. She was a sweetheart and made us both feel very comfortable. My Husband & I are overall impressed with the tan and I cannot express to you how amazing the customer service is!

He had his spray tan on Wednesday and because he is so active (working out/showering etc) the tan faded (ever so slightly!) but he needed a touch up before his big shoot, well – I called Heather and she was so kind and went out of her way to squeeze us in last minute 🙂

That’s where Candace came to play – She was just as amazing as Heather! And it was awesome because Candace was into fitness and had previously competed before, so she knew what My Husband was looking for with his Tan. She answered all of our questions and made us super comfortable. I totally recommend this company to you if you’re looking for an amazing tan that’s natural looking. I will tell you, I’m so jealous of my husband – his new tan makes me look like death LOL.. not to mention, I wanted to lick the tan off my husband because he smelled like freaking chocolate chip cookies afterwards haha 🙂

He is now addicted! Thank you so much Heather & Candace for an awesome experience. We are SO glad that we found you! Like we said, you’ll definitely be seeing from us again!” – Khristine T, Christian’s Wife, Yelp

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Organic. Paraben Free. Never tested on animals.
  • Takes 15 Mins
  • Dries Instantly!
  • Never Orange Or Streaky
  • Lasts 7-10 Days
  • Non-Sticky
  • No After Scent
  • Party Prices Available
  • Great For Special Events!

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