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Do you own an airbrush tanning business? Maybe you’re considering it?

In case you’re curious how we keep track of all of our clients, their solution, preferences, appointments and everything else a business owner could possibly keep track of – we use http://mindbodyonline.com/AirbrushByHeather

What is it?

First and foremost, it’s a cloud based software. Doing business in the cloud benefits everyone. One-time setup gets your business up and running on any device. Because it’s all in one system, information seamlessly passes between staff members–and you decide how much each staff member can access. And of course, clients will always know where to reach you: anywhere.

Our referred clients get special VIP bonuses! Redeem by visiting: http://MindBodyOnline.com/AirbrushByHeather

What else does it do?

It allows your clients to book online! Convenience is king. With MINDBODY software, your schedule is directly available from your website, or even your Facebook page. Together with a merchant account, MINDBODY allows your clients to seek out your services—and pay for them—whenever it’s most convenient.

And guess what else?

If you can quantify something, MINDBODY software can track it and report on it–making it easy to allocate your budget and your resources more astutely. Some perennial favorites: monthly sales, attendance trends, retention rates, and inventory levels.

Ever dreamed of having a system that can send the e-mails and texts for you?

Automation allows you to lay the groundwork once, and let the system take it from there. Quickly confirm sessions with a client, check them in instantly at the door, and receive cancellations via email or text message. Handle billing seamlessly with AutoPay and notifications for unauthorized transactions.

And to top it off, taking payments has never been easier.

Forget paper, MindBody Express App has your clients checked-in and out in seconds – completely digital.

Need I say more?

Don’t just take my word for it!!! Find out for yourself! I researched a system that I could use for almost 6 MONTHS and all I found was outrageously priced old-school desktop tanning software that was designed for a salon that carries tanning beds. It was a miracle when I found MindBody because first and foremost — I could afford it! AND it’s the ONLY way our business runs smoothly now in both Los Angeles and New York City, keeping track of every detail no matter where we are.  PRICELESS!!

Our referred clients get special VIP offers and discounts – submit the form on the site at http://MindBodyOnline.com/AirbrushByHeather and a MindBody Rep will contact you shortly on how you can start making your life a million times more organized and seamless for an unbelievably low cost (that even I thought they were kidding).


Are you considering Airbrush Tanning as a Business but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you want to make some extra money on the side? Looking for a career change? Airbrush Tanning a client takes 15 mins and you can charge anywhere between $40-$150 per tan. Lucrative business? I think so.
If you are a beginner, one thing is for certain: You will need proper training, reliable equipment, and a solid business model from someone who has been there, done that and already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Premier Airbrush Tanning was born out of expanding ‘Airbrush By Heather’ in Los Angeles. With over 20,000 tans under her belt, Heather Shaw is recognized as LA’s airbrush tanning guru to the stars.

The Yelp community swears by Heather’s spray tans – reviewing her service with perfect 5 Stars across-the-board consistently for 2 years.  With over 100+ 5 Star Reviews, Premier Airbrush Tanning By Heather is rated THE #1 Airbrush Tanning Business in all of Los Angeles!

Read on!

Airbrush Tanning by Heather really is the best airbrush tan in Los Angeles. I grew up in LA and have tried several tanning salons for mystic tans and airbrush tans (never tanning beds..no sun damage, thank you 🙂 ), from le beach club to portofino, but I have never had a spray tan this natural looking with the perfect, rich, beautifully bronzed color. Other spray tans don’t compare because you often leave with a heavy coat of brown all over you that smells and stains your sheets and clothes. In contrast, Heather’s spray tan feels very light on your skin, and doesn’t leave you looking or feeling greasy or dirty. Heather is a perfectionist in every way and her tans always look SO natural while still giving you that amazing sun- kissed, just- been- to- bali- on- vacation glow without even being in the sun.

I found Heather by looking on yelp and was blown away by the reviews so I wanted to see for myself. Even though I was expecting great spray tan, I was amazed by how natural and even it was, without the inescapable spray tan smell and without the heavy brown coating on your skin for hours afterwards. Beyond the spray tan itself, I was even more amazed by how sweet and kind and down to earth she is. Right away, you feel at ease with her and feel like you’re chatting with a girlfriend, which is really nice, especially when you have to strip down for your tan. Heather genuinely cares about each client, and loves to make each girl feel and look her best.

I have had 3 spray tans with heather so far, before photoshoots and special occasions and have been so happy after each one. I just tanned with her and am going on a date with my boyfriend tonight, and I don’t have to worry about having that icky spray tan smell or orangey brown tint that guys hate!
I wish I could give Heather 6 stars because she is that good! -Alexandra, Yelp!


Her experience began at the celebrity hot spot for tanning, Sunset Tan (reality show on E!) where she worked for 4 years as a top sales representative and everybody’s favorite airbrush tanner.  Her technique is commonly described as ‘flawless’ and client’s reviews of her work are nothing less than 5 stars.

Upon leaving Sunset Tan, she created her own airbrush tanning business ‘Airbrush By Heather’ in 2011 from scratch. By 2012, she was working full time for herself, bringing in more recognition and revenue than most businesses twice her age.  As Heather’s company continued to grow, so did her ideas on how the business could expand.

After receiving non-stop phone calls from eager individuals around the world looking to start their own airbrush tanning business, Heather took action. She not only created her own product line, but recently expanded her business from LA to NYC and is now franchising Premier Airbrush Tanning worldwide.

Today, Premier Airbrush Tanning sells Products, Organic Tanning Solutions, Training, Certification and Franchise opportunities!  In business, if you want to be the best – you have to learn from the best!  Let this be your opportunity.

Call and talk to Heather today: 646-504-8441.

Training locations in LA & NYC – as well as online training for our students that do not wish to travel.


We have a very detailed, info packed PDF with all our options, packages and pricing available per request! Please e-mail Heather (at) PremierAirbrushTanning.com or click Contact above on this site’s menu options! Simply request help on starting your own business or ordering our solution so we know what your needs are :) We look forward to working with you!
Want to know more? Click here to read about Heather’s business and her very happy client’s on Yelp.com!


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