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Airbrush Tanning Training – Starting a New Business in the New Year

First and foremost, I would like to wish you a magical new year full of great health, fond memories, and timeless happiness in 2013.

At the start of a new year, we often come up with new goals and resolutions that’d we’d like to achieve.  I have made a list of mine! To name a few, I have a list of books that I’d like to read (one of them includes the 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss), I’d like to take up a daily practice of yoga, and I want to make a habit of taking the time everyday to write and reflect on my daily accomplishments (I think it’s a great way to feel like every day counts). Another one of my big goals for this year includes expanding my business (more specifically to help other individuals that were once like myself – overworked, underpaid) to get on their independent feet and live the dream of being a business owner.


What most of you may not know about me is:

  • I’m in my mid-twenties
  • College Drop out
  • Today, a successful owner of a bi-coastal (LA & NYC) Airbrush Tanning Business started a year ago


Why I’m qualified to teach you anything about owning an Airbrush Tanning Business:

  • I grew up in the performing arts (that’s not why). Instead of being a waitress as a side job (as most performs are), I worked at the very popular, hit E! TV Show Salon, Sunset Tan for 4 YEARS! (making $8/hour – hence, why I quit and started my own business)
  • I started my business on February 11, 2011 – and I paid off ALL my business expenses on February 11, 2011 with cash (Not a typo, I really paid off my expenses the day I started my business and I will teach you how I did this)
  • My business was considered ‘successful’ on Day 1. Within 3 months, I had a steady clientele and by the 6-month mark, I had a solid 5-Star reputation online with celebrity clients calling to book me for an appointment (truth, I kept the proof and will show it to you)
  • 9-month mark I had 2 girls working for me (this was a life saver and there’s a very sentimental reason why this detail of my story is so important)
  • Year+ later, my business is now bi-coastal (LA & NYC) and I have my very own Airbrush Tanning solution which is organic, unbelievably natural looking, and in my opinion (and the opinion of my 5-Star ratings) is the best on the market. It’s called PREMIER Airbrush Tanning for Professionals and you are free to buy it and use on your clients, too (wink, wink)
  • The past two years I’ve dedicated myself to top-notch business studies, and have taken courses from the most successful business advisors and Internet Marketers in the world including Alex Mandossian (considered one of the top ten freelance direct marketers in America today and has generated over $203 million in sales for his clients), Tom Antion (owns the only licensed Internet Marketing training school in the country and has single handedly advised individuals to become internet millionaires) among a laundry list of others which I will share with you
  • Aside from the above fancy details and statistics, I’m a young, passionate individual with way too much energy to keep it all to myself. I have a natural ability to communicate and help people become the best version of themselves — which I believe we can all live the life we imagined if we have the TIME to LIVE fully (and not waste our daily precious moments sitting behind a desk making minimum wage……SERIOUSLY)


Anyhow. I’d love to help you out if you’re considering Airbrush Tanning as a business that you’d like to start.  It’s easy, affordable, and can be done from anywhere in the world.  Feel free to call me, text me, or shoot me long and detailed e-mails – I’ll be happy to respond and help you get you started.


Let’s get your show on the road. I’m already breaking the speed limit.


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