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21 Questions To Ask Before You Invest In Any Airbrush Tanning Certification Program

Are you looking to start your own Airbrush Tanning business? If so, you may be on a hunt to find a quality Training/Certification program!

HERE’S THE DEAL: Getting certified isn’t cheap — and it isn’t always easy to find a quality trainer, either. To get you off on the right track, I’ve come up with a suggested 21 Questions that you should keep in mind before you invest in any Airbrush Tanning Certification Program!


1. Who is conducting the training?… A lot of well known companies offer training, but the person conducting the training often works in the corporate sales division and is not necessarily a full time tanning specialist with years of experience in a salon.

2. How long has the trainer been in this business?… Make sure you are getting trained by someone who has had extensive experience airbrush tanning clients of all shapes, sizes and skin types.

3. How many clients have they tanned, or on avg how many/day?… A successful tanning salon does an avg of 10-20 airbrush tans/day.

4. What product line do they use?… Get trained with a product you know is reputable.

5. Do YOU like their product line?… Have you been airbrush tanned with their product before? Do you like the way it smells, fades, develops? If you don’t know first-hand about the product, you will never be able to sell or represent it. Get a sample!

6. Do they provide the machine and products to get you started right away? …This is SO IMPORTANT! You need to be trained with the EXACT equipment and solution that you are going to use in your own business. Products and machines have many variables, don’t waste your time or money learning about a machine and product you don’t plan on using.

7. How successful are the students of their training?… A lot of people sign up for programs and don’t follow through… but a lot of student failure is due to poorly designed programs that don’t have a proper follow-up system in place to keep the student on track with the training. Invest in a program that will make sure you are accounted for.

8. Do they go over crucial knowledge-based training (ingredients, etc)?… Airbrush Tanning sales can sky rocket when you know what you are talking about. Are you getting the knowledge-based training necessary to ensure this happens?

9. Do they teach important customer service practices (specific to the airbrush tanning industry)?… Half the battle of ANY business (especially this one) is customer service. When the majority of your clients are standing in the nude in front of you, you better know the BEST customer service techniques to handle them properly so they keep them coming back!

10. Do they teach all formats of effective marketing (online, print, word-of-mouth)?… There is a technique to getting clients in your door – are they going to teach you what you need to know about marketing?

11. Do they cover social media?… Yes, Social Media is a very important platform that you need to know how to use in order to gain clients and create a positive reputation for you and your business.

12. Do they provide helpful references, trusted referrals and websites to encourage your immediate success?… Hopefully your trainer has already done all the hard work and research so you don’t have to! Make sure you get their list of top recommendations for business cards, website help, marketing, etc.!

13. Do they have a system of following up with you to make sure you fully understood what you learned?… Once you get home, you might have more questions. Make sure there is a system set in place for you to get your questions asked. After all, you paid for training!

14. Do they offer online support?… Is there quick references that you can refer to online? This can be very helpful incase you lose your notes or have a question come up that you don’t know the answer to.

15. Do they help you with your website? If you don’t have one, do they teach you how you can easily get one?… It’s simple. If you don’t have a website, you’re not in business. Make sure you are directed on how to get one or make one quick and easy.

16. Do they teach concrete sales techniques for selling packages, products, and getting referrals?… You don’t have to be “salesy”, but if you don’t know how to close a sale, your business will never take off. Proper sales training is an absolute must!

17. Do they teach you how to get new clients and keep them?… You might have clientele already – but how do you get more?

18. Do they teach hands-on technique?… Your technique will MAKE or BREAK you! They can “show” you how to do it, but do they hands-on teach you?

19. Do they teach specialized technique such as contouring, tanning different body types, and guarenteed methods to produce natural looking results?… Airbrush Tanning a 115 pound female is different than tanning a 350 pound male. Will they teach you the difference?

20. Do they educate you on how to operate the machine and the gun in a way that helps create better results for your client?… Understanding machine and gun operation are KEY to improving your technique. Do they teach you why?

21. Do they teach you specifics on what to do if things go “wrong” and what that means or could look like?… Being a professional means being prepared for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Will they prepare you so you can tan anyone and everyone confidently?


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