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5 Star Reviews on Yelp for Airbrush By Heather!

Have you read the reviews? If not, here’s a sneak peak!  These are REAL Reviews taken word-for-word from Yelp! See for yourself! http://www.yelp.com/biz/airbrush-tanning-by-heather-north-hollywood

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10/2/2011 – Renee P.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is super friendly, knows her business, and genuinely cares about her clients satisfaction.


9/26/2011 – Erin B.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I found Heather on YELP, as I was searching for the perfect airbrush tan for my wedding day. I gave her a call and even by just talking with her on the phone, I was excited. Heather just has a way with people.

She was super busy but went out of her way to book an appointment with me. How awesome is that?! She didn’t even know me! As a first time client, those are HUGE points in my book.

When I arrive, I felt as if I was greeting a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in months, right away I was super comfortable. Heather gave me spray tan 101 and helped me understand SO much I didn’t know.

Standing naked in front of a complete stranger isn’t comfortable for most people (especially not for me), but Heather was so extremely professional and I was completely at ease. It was seriously painless. I can’t get over how comfortable I was.

Today, my tan looks absolutely fabulous!! Like, stunning. My bridesmaids can’t stop complimenting me. Not orange at all. No streaks. Bronzed, sun kissed beauty.

Thank you Heather! You can’t go wrong with her! Repeat customer for life!

Update: on my honeymoon and still look great! My husband can’t get over how tiny I look. If you can’t tone it, tan it!


9/13/2011 – Dani M.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I’ve been spray tanned before but I’ve never been explained the process so well as I have here. Actually — I’ve never been explained the process at all!! Heather is not only so knowledgable and informative but also so friendly!  She’s good at what she does (my tan was still amazing and even weeks after), but more importantly, it’s clear she puts a lot of value in the overall experience and her customer service.


9/13/2011 – Bella G.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Was needing a great “look” for a red carpet event and i called heather last minute. She fit me in which was a life saver cause after reading her reviews I so wanted to check her out. Im bi racial and already have a tanned skin tone but this girl brought my color alive!! Shes super sweet and adorable and I see how she keeps a regular clientele. I didnt fell like just another client she really wanted to know what I wanted!! Turned out perfect. I will be back soon. Im addicted to my improved look. There is a bit of smell but nothing like a mystic but I could smell the solution reacting with my body for the first day. Even color and no orange look. Hope this helps my fellow airbrush tanners


9/02/2011 – Maryssa M.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

What can I say…Heather is a master!  This was my FIRST ever airbrush tan….I was scared and I didn’t know what to expect. Heather put me at ease, explained the process and did an AMAZING job! My boyfriend “doesn’t date girls with spray tans” and well, let’s just say he LOVED it :-) I could not imagine myself going anywhere else but to heather. Comfortable setting and great results…not to mention organic and UV free. What more could one ask for?


8/23/2011 – Harley J.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I had never airbrushed before and was kind of nervous about looking orange or super dark because I am pretty light. I purchased the kgb deal and couldn’t have been happier! Heather makes you feel very comfortable even though you’re standing there naked for a good 10 minutes haha I was so happy with my tan that I even sent me mother over the next day. Even though Heather was busy, we were texting back and forth and figured out a perfect time and she gave us a good price :] I’m really glad I went because I can’t do normal sun tanning for a while due to laser hair removal. Oh and just a side note, my face was much whiter than my body originally and she was able to tan my body 1 shade darker and my face 2 shades darker so it could all be even! And let me say, having your face tanned means less makeup!


8/23/2011 – Jessica S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I have already written a review but I feel the need to write another one since I recently checked out another Organic Airbrush Tanning place.

Last weekend, Heather was out of town, and since I had a bikini photo shoot, a bikini fashion show, AND was getting head shots done, I needed to find someone else who could tan me up for my busy weekend.  I went somewhere that was highly recommended and got good reviews, and they are even organic, too.

Now, I’m freshly appreciative of Heather’s wonderful product and service.  (Note: Heather is usually ALWAYS around, this was a special occasion that she had to be out of town for).

The other tanning place I went to used a product that was incredibly sticky.  Heather had mentioned before that she loves her product because it’s not sticky, and now I can wholeheartedly agree with her.

The entire process for the other place took forever!  They sprayed me down, used a blow-dryer forever, then sprayed me down again, and used a blow-dryer again.  This takes such a long amount of time that they give you tips on how to keep your arms from getting too tired while you’re waiting for your sticky tan to dry!  (And then you’re still sticky!)

I’m also really sensitive; I think some of the product may have gotten in my eyes because my eyes were itchy for the next couple of days.
This tan was also a bit orange-ish, I never get that from Heather’s tans.  And their parking was bad; I can always find parking by Heather.

I don’t like to sound like a whiner, but this is all true!

Overall I have a new-found appreciation and respect for Airbrush Tanning by Heather.

I recommended my mom to go to Heather, too, and my mom loves her and her tan and is going back this week!  Gotta teach my mom how to write a review on Yelp lol.


8/22/2011 – Ashley T.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is the best!  After I leave I have a gorgeous and natural looking tan that always makes me look and feel like I just spent 10 days on a tropical island.  She’s such a pro, I would not trust anyone else to tan me.


8/19/2011 – Claudia S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I had never had an airbrushed tan before, but I got an online coupon deal just in time to get tan for a wedding. The tan was absolutely gorgeous, it lasted a good 7-8 days, and she makes it so easy – you forget that you are literally “letting it all hang out”. I’m officially addicted to airbrushed tans by Heather.


8/01/2011 – Jonathan G.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is a charmer: a great talker, totally supportive (all-over airbrushing is not for the shy, even with undies), and a ridiculously well-qualified, masterful airbrusher.  Her knowledge is vast, and her skill is impeccable.
Like Oprah said on her final show: find your calling, whatever it may be.  I believe Heather has found at least one calling, and it’s expert airbrushing.
On top of it, it’s a wonderful treat…and far less hit-and-miss than the fake tan machines.  Looks so natural.  Great beauty boost without harming your skin or ageing yourself prematurely.


8/01/2011 – John D.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather! We Love! she is the best! we came to heather for emergency! my daughter had got a mist on tan elsewhere,and the streaks were everywhere all off shades,this was 4th July weekend! found Heather and she was soo sweet and helpful! she was totally booked but i explained what happened at other mist on place and she made time for us! fixed the disaster, and my daughter looked fabulous! thanx to heather we will only ever get airbrush now! never mist on! and for best airbrush in town HEATHER! NO, smells,streaks,or fading spots,Perfect everytime! the color is so natural never orange, and for us red heads that’s amazing! I go to now with my daughter, seeing how amazing she does. also she is the sweetest nicest person,I have ever met .and very professional! thank you, from,mother & daughter!


7/26/2011 – Tana C. – (Purchased a Yelp Deal)

Rated: 5 STARS *****

hi all, if you are in need of airbrush tanning, Heather is  your gal.  She is fabulous.  She makes the experience so comfortable.  This was my first go round with airbrush tanning.  The results were great!  I received compliments everyone.  Needless to say, she is a professional and knows what she is talking about.  Definitely tanning 101… Thank you Heather.  I will be scheduling another appointment soon!


7/26/2011 – Taylor S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

My airbrush tan with Heather was my first experience with this type of tanning. I must admit I was a little nervous, but she made me feel completely comfortable. She was so down to earth, super professional, extremely sweet and personable, and did an amazing job! I can’t wait to go back for a second time :)


7/25/2011 – Jen B.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Honestly I thought only celebrities had access to professional airbrush spray tanning… but then I was introduced to Heather by a co-worker and she’s made getting a glam tan accessible. Heather brings a professional background working for the infamous Sunset Tan to normal people like me who want to have that celeb glow. Her tanning sessions are affordable and you leave looking natural and as tan as you described to her you wanted to look. Her studio is as adorable as she is, it’s clean, she has music playing, air conditioned, etc… I always feel so relaxed and comfortable.

I had spray tanned several times before but at those tanning places that have the booths that just spray at you and the only thing I didn’t like was that my hands and feet would come out looking crackly & streaky – especially my fingernails since I have acrylic nails and my nail beds would end up looking darker than the rest of my hands but with Heather’s top of the line spray products and her attention to detail with her strokes every part of my body, including my finger nails, always look even and smooth. What a relief no one can tell its a spray tan! I seriously get so many compliments, people think I just got back from an island  vacation or something and even my man thinks I went to the beach and got tan before I can even tell him I went spray tanning :) I’ll for sure never go back to booth tanning and can’t imagine getting airbrushed by anyone better or more friendly than Heather! She treats you like a friend and you can tell she genuinely wants you to look your best – and I do leave my sessions feeling and looking my best.

If you have never spray tanned before, I definitely recommend trying it out with Heather and if you are a spray tanned buff, give Heather a try and I guarantee you’ll love her! I can’t wait for my next session…


7/24/2011 – Beth S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I had never had an airbrush tan before and was very wary of the whole idea.  I’d seen so many really bad tans.  Heather is amazing.  She is professional, talented and informative.  She explained how the whole process works and went into as much detail as I wanted regarding the process and the outcome.  And she was exactly right!  The tan looked completely natural and not at all “fake”.  I could immediately see the results and over the next 24 hours it only got better.  She is a real expert and spends the time to do all the little things to make sure no one would know you had a “tan” done.  I am completely sold and will recommend her to everyone I know.  If you ever doubted that a great job could be done, don’t!  She’s your gal!


7/23/2011 – Heather S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I’ve had so many bad airbrush experiences Going from salon to salon and it would always be streaky, too orange, stinky, ruining clothes, whatever the case may be. Bottom line it looked fake and was a nightmare. One of my girlfriends had a good experience with Heather and I remembered I knew her previously from sunset tan before they changed ownership. She told me she stopped working there and started doing house calls and started her own business. So I got in contact with her and it was the best tan i ever got. I was so happy with the results I didn’t have to worry about looking orange, streaky or ruining everything I owned. The best part of all is it lasts 7-10 days and when it starts to wear off it’s not blotchy it’s still an even tan. Now, I never go to anyone else, she tans me about 3-4 times per month and I wouldn’t even dream of asking or going to anyone else! So bottom line if you’ve had so many of the same experiences I had to go through you understand the frustration.. When your with her you won’t have that at all. She is by far the best and worth every penny! I would highly recommend her!! Almost forgot one of my favorite things about her is she’s so flexible and come to you at any time. With me being such a busy person I don’t have to worry store ect. Try her out! I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed I would even give you your money back!!


7/22/2011 – Fallon G.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I am an airbrush connoisseur, and I am constantly in search of the perfect spray tan. Heather takes the cake for best spray tan EVER! My biggest complaint with spray tans is they always fudge up my hands and feet. Heather perfectly details the hands and feet so that they look flawless. I’m beyond hooked. She’s amazing and so professional, sweet and accommodating. I had literally 20 minutes to get home, get a tan and leave. She came to my apartment and had me out the door right on time, completely dry and ready to go!


7/20/2011 – Jessica M.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is an amazing person who makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Her work is FLAWLESS, fast, and second to none! She was so gracious and even allowed me to bring my little one with me (which means the world to us Mom’s). I can’t believe how beautiful the color looks still and it has been 1.5 weeks! She is a hard worker, on time, and is a sweet heart! I am looking forward to looking like a sexy Brazilian again very soon ;) I would recommend to anyone!!!


7/14/2011 – Joanna C.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I am a complete newbie to airbrush tanning and have never even stepped inside any type of tanning salon before.  The most I had forayed into tanning was good ol’ Jergens body lotion – hardly the real thing.  In any case, my husband and I were heading out to a friend’s ranch and lakehouse over the course of a few days, and I wanted to get a nice tan for the trip.  I knew I did not know how to achieve this on my own, and by chance I came across a lovely deal on kgbdeals for Heather’s airbrush tanning.  I immediately made an appointment with her.  This being my first airbrush tanning experience, I was a little bit apprehensive about being completely naked in front of a stranger and even more so about how the tan would turn out.  Well, my apprehensions were completely wiped away upon meeting Heather.  She is truly sweet, super friendly, extremely informative, and made me feel comfortable right off the bat.  Heather proceeded to explain all about how her organic tanning works, and made sure I understood all the steps and details before proceeding with the actual tanning.  I felt relieved to know that I was in expert hands.  The tanning experience itself was fairly quick – took maybe about 15 minutes – and honestly with all of the conversation that was going on, I did not even notice the time.  When we were done, I was able to put my clothing back on right away and was out the door with a few home-care instructions by Heather.  Now here is the best part:  I couldn’t BELIEVE all of the compliments I got even on that first day!!!  I was so thrilled with the outcome.  After showering off (waited for 13 hours before doing so), I did notice that the tan got a little lighter, but the actual airbrush that was left on my body was smooth, even, natural, and gorgeous.  Heather texted me the next day (she had asked in advance if she could do that and I said yes) and asked how I liked my tan – to which I replied that I loved it!  I did tell her that I probably wanted to go even darker the next time, and she very sweetly responded that she is able to go many shades darker with the formulations she has.  It has now been 8 days since my tanning session and the tan is STILL on me – natural looking, not splotchy or orange at all, and fading out very, very nicely.  All in all, this was a top-notch experience with fantastic results. Heather is a true professional, and one who is also incredibly knowledgeable, sweet, and down to earth.  I will be returning to her in a couple more weeks for another session!


7/10/2011 – Teresa S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Just like you, I was using yelp to help me find a location where I can get an airbrush tan. I came across Airbrush Tanning by Heather and after comparing her website and reviews w/ several other airbrush locations, I decided to go w/ Heather. After all, she is the only one who has gotten 5/5 starts in every review! :)

My tan and the service I received from Heather was absolutely AMAZING. Her attention to detail and years of experience doing airbrush tans insured that my tan came out natural and even. Heather is friendly, informative, and professional – I highly recommend her.



7/8/2011 – Tiffany C.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I’ve had many spray tans over the years because without them I would be held liable for blinding innocent bystanders, but Heather was head and shoulders better than all others I’ve had. I’ve had tans in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Beverly Hills and she was by far the most talented airbrush artist. I received several compliments on my tan and by friends could not believe it was a spray tan. I loved the organic solution she used and it turned out to be most natural looking tan I’ve ever gotten. Definitely worth the drive from Westwood in rush hour traffic! I would sit on the 405 for an hour any day for those results.


7/8/2011 – Susan A.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is Awsome!! She’s my new BFF…so friendly, professional & super nice. She’s  also very knowledgable about spray tans.  It was my 1st time getting a spray tan & I absolutely love love my Sexy new bronzed skin.  Great Job Heather!


7/1/2011 – Meline A.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

WOW! I found Heather trough Yelp a few days ago, and just by having a conversation with her on the phone, I knew I found the right place. She is full of energy and loves what she does. She explained everything in detail and she made sure she did a flawless job. This was my first time airbrush tanning, and I loveeeed it!. I have always done the mystic but seriously it sucks compared to this. I don’t know how other people do the airbrush but I do know one thing, this girl made sure she got every angle of my body covered in an even tan. She truly knows what she is doing and I will defiantly be returning to her soon again!. P.S. after only one shower, I can tell you, you are a perfect color and there is no smell of any product whats so ever. 🙂


6/30/2011 – T. M.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I have been a client of Heather’s for a YEARS and can honestly say I would TRUST NO ONE ELSE to tan me besides the guru herself!

Not only is Heather THE leading expert in airbrush tanning in LA, but she is most cheerful little thing and makes you feel incredibly comfortable while you tan!  She’s knowledgeable and uses the best products in the tanning industry….

Most importantly, I have NEVER been orange, uneven, or unsatisfied. My tan is always glowing and NATURAL, which is something I’m really paranoid about. I get tons of compliments on my tan and have never been asked “Did you airbrush/mystic?”

Heather truly gives THE PERFECT TAN and I couldn’t give a higher recommendation on her behalf. In fact, the only warning I will give you is that you may be so ecstatic about your hot new tan body (which is the most effortless diet I’ve ever been on!) that you may become slightly addicted to visiting Miss Heather’s heavenly tanning studio.  🙂



6/29/2011 – Sue H.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

The tan I got from Heather was terrific, much more natural and consistent than the Mystic spray units I have tried in the past.

Friends have discussed airbrush tanning for awhile now, but I wasn’t convinced that it would be that much better than the Mystic until I got a call from my daughter.  She lives in LA and went to Heather for an airbrush tan before an event and called to tell me how wonderful it was.  I immediately called to get an appointment with Heather when I knew I was going to be in LA, and when we spoke, she said she was coming to San Diego for the weekend (which is where I live).  She offered to do a mobile appointment  at my house, and I have to admit, the experience was terrific.  The color started to develop right away and was much less offensive (smell and texture) than the Mystic — this quickly told me that the solution she uses is a higher quality product.

The airbrush tan from Heather lasted much longer and the color was far more natural and consistent than my self-tan products and Mystic.  If you’re looking for an expert who will give you a flawless tan, without a doubt – I highly recommend Heather.  She’s a real pro — 5 star service, quality, and experience.  I will definitely see her again and happily recommend her to friends.


6/29/2011 – Crystal S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I have been spray tanning for years now and have never been truly happy with the color,smell or the places I have been to. I met Heather about two years ago and fell in love with her. She’s very knowledgeable in the tanning field and has been spray tanning clients for years.

Heather makes you feel comfortable and that is incredibly important because let’s face it everyone is skeptical about being spray tanned by someone. She also takes her time with every client and goes over every line in detail. Heather only uses the finest products that are all organic and will never make you break out or leave you with that orange nasty color that spray tan is known to do. The color is a deep luscious dark brown tan! I am constantly complemented on my tan that everyone thinks is real :)

I highly recommend going to Heather. I started out a bi-weekly client and am now a weekly client of hers and am hooked. You truly will never go anywhere else again. Your tan will look super natural and you will be extremely satisfied with the results and the level of expertise Heather has.

And the privacy of going to Heather’s studio makes it easier to say your tan is real :)


6/27/2011 – Elena M.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is wonderful…she’s warm, relaxed and super knowledgeable and experienced regarding spray tanning.  I was a “newbie” and she put me at ease.  Her studio is comfortable and private.  She also offers some great deals and packages.  The tan was natural-looking and I will be heading back down to NoHo again to see Heather soon!  😉


6/26/2011 – Kevin S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is amazing!!!  I have been airbrush tanning for several years and have become a connoisseur of what looks natural and what looks orange and fake.  When I tell people I airbrush tan they usually squint their eyes and move their head a little closer to check me out…. the response is usually “wow… you don’t look orange… it looks real”.  Being an actor combined with not wanting to damage my skin in the sun airbrush tanning has been a savior for a white half-Irish boy like myself.  Heather uses the best organic products (which also dries more quickly and has less odor than the non-organic tanning solutions) and her customer service is A+.  She is an amazing little business woman.  My only concern in writing this rave review for Heather is that she will become too popular and it will be more difficult for me to get an appointment!  But putting my selfish needs aside I highly recommend Heather for airbrush tanning.  She is absolutely the best!  🙂


6/25/2011 – Mike R.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I had to get a quick tan for a pool party weekend and I found Heather on here. The instant bronzer made me look darker right off the bat for my date that night and the next day the tanner had taken effect and it looked really good. I will go to her again for emergencies just like these.


6/21/2011 – Pauline D.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is the best airbrush artist out there. I was hesitant to try airbrush tanning, but as Heather was here in San Diego, I was encouraged to give it a try (If she is good enough for the Hollywood Star’s, I thought what is there to lose) It was the best I have looked in years, there is a reason why you need to book in advance, I was lucky that she had a cancellation and even came to me to do it, next time I will get a group of friends together and have an airbrush party. If you have not tried airbrush tanning you should, she uses all organic top quality products and you will look a million dollars for the summer.


6/14/2011 – Jessica S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I have nothing but positive things to report on my experience with airbrush tanning with Heather!

First of all, Heather is so friendly and genuine, which I think is an asset for someone who does a beauty procedure that could be potentially awkward! She makes you feel really comfortable, and assures you that she sees plenty of people in the nude as a part of her work.

I’m always skeptical about the word “organic” because I think that a lot of people use the word to try and capitalize on a trend. Speaking to Heather and learning about how she wants to develop a 100% organic product, I realized that she whole-heartedly believes in organic products and is not using a gimmick to promote her services. I know that she must be using the best possible product on the market and I look forward to using her new product.

Even at the time of service, there was no smell or stickiness. As my tan continued to develop, it was completely even and not the slightest bit orange. Several of my girlfriends who were also spray-tanned (by other people) were trying to even out their ankle splotches, but I had nothing to worry about. Not even under my chin, which is where they usually missed when I had done the Mystic tan previously.

I had a beautiful deep tan that made my skin look even and glowing. I had a wonderful experience with Heather, and I know I looked beautiful with a skin-safe, organic tan. For me, there’s no reason to try anywhere else. When I need a tan, I’m going to Heather!!!


6/2/2011- Cassandra P.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

WOW!!!! For being my first (for sure not my last) time getting a spray tan I must say I am now hooked! Heather was very sweet and kind with setting up the appointment to begin with. Very personal yet professional which is something you hardly see anymore. Once she met me it was like Ive known her for years. She walked me through the process and even threw in some humor (which was nice knowing i was going to be nude). She honestly seemed very excited for me with getting a  spray tan. The process itself was very chill and quick. She talked to me through the whole process which made it more of a friendly conversation rather than a forced one. She listened to exactly how i wanted to look and it came out wonderful. I loved that she paid special attention to the “minor” details of the tan from my feet to my hands/fingers. I will be spreading the word around very quick in my circle of friends to come and see Heather. She is the bees knees!!! I will be back very soon 🙂


5/27/2011 – Bianca Nichole L.

Rated: 5 STARS *****


I have never been airbrush tanned before. But since I’m getting married soon, my best friend recommended me to get one. I was hesitant at first but she was INSISTING I get one.. She saw this promotion on BuyWithMe, and bought me the gift of tanning.. It should really be called “the gift of confidence”!!! I mean, Heather is awesome!

She walks you through the whole procedure, makes you feel comfortable, and the best part, she makes you look FABULOUS!!! We went to Las Vegas just two days after, and I had people coming up to me asking if that was my natural color! IT was soooo COOL!

She’s absolutely great and kind! I couldn’t believe how natural-looking my skin looked. I felt confident and beautiful! it was absolutely AMAZING!! She’s so awesome that I received another Airbrush session as a gift! I’ll be seeing Ms. Heather this Sunday and I cant wait!!!

If you are pale.. pasty.. or just need a touch-up tan, GO TO HEATHER!! (believe me, you will NOT look like an oompa loompa!! HAHAH!!


5/27/2011- Gina P.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

To be completely nude while someone is all up in your lady parts can be a bit frightening, but Heather made me feel comfortable and confident.  I told her to make me look like I just came from the islands after 2 weeks.  She sure followed my requests.  I came out bronze and beautiful.  It even looked like I had a teeth whitening…lol.  She is personable, cute, funny and friendly.  Her product is great as well as organic.  I’m in love with her spray tans.


5/26/2011- Sarah C.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

(I’m a real client that has been to Heather four times and was referred to her by my beautiful-but-pale roommate.)

I’ve been airbrushed at least thirty times in the past five years by numerous places across L.A. and O.C. as well as two places in Las Vegas (one of which airbrushes the dancers in a topless revue on the Strip). I’ve encountered issues in airbrush tanning everywhere I’ve been EXCEPT at Heather’s. One of the main issues is what my skin looks like as the tan fades. Heather uses top quality solution that fades evenly and does not leave blotchy patches after a few days. But not only is the solution fantastic, her technique is unmatched by any airbrusher I’ve met. Most places that offer airbrush promotions for first-timers leave you being sprayed by girls (or sometimes guys) that recently earned their airbrush certification. Heather has been airbrushing for over four years and personally sprays each of her clients. Her rates are comparable to an average salon (much cheaper than higher-end places) and she currently runs a $40 special every Tuesday as well as bring-a-friend discounts everyday! I’ve been bed tanning for summer and still go to Heather to give my skin that extra dark glow. She makes everyone feel comfortable in her studio. Honestly, she’s the best…


5/25/2011- Kim G.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I have been to Heather twice, and recommend her for anyone 🙂 Heather turns my ivory skin (okay, ghostly pale) into a beautiful, bronze, natural looking tan.

She’s great!!


5/21/2011- Amanda S.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE. period.  I am PASTY, and I look like a went to an island.  Bronzed, even, NO orange!!!!  amazing. seriously.

THANK YOU HEATHER!  I shall return.


5/5/2011- Ashley M.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

Heather is extremely knowledgeable of her craft and very professional. She explains everything to first time airbrush tanners and makes you feel very comfortable- best of all she uses an all natural solution which is great. My tan looked fabulous and natural and everyone is complementing me! I’m definitely going to be a returning customer.


4/25/2011 – Stephanie H.

Rated: 5 STARS *****

I was a little hesitant to try the airbrush tanning (usually do the beds) but wanted to give it a try and did that with Heather. I absolutely loved the tan I got and was able to request specific areas that I wanted lighter, darker, etc. I felt completely comfortable and confident in her skills — I will definitely leave the beds behind and switch to her airbrush tanning for good, thanks Heather!


See the Review for yourself on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/airbrush-tanning-by-heather-north-hollywood

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